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How to Pick Stock Options to Make Money

Options are like the menu in a new restaurant – pick one from 2,700 option dishes.

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How do I figure out just one option trade that will make money?

Right Here! While Wall Street is gushing over the newest boutique stock; each week I filter out the trader-speak-mumble for a FREE “Hot Option Pick and Tip”. Everything you need to know if that stock option trade will go up or down. I even tell you exactly the Bear or Bull option spread opening transaction.

All the buzz is about Splunk (SPLK) -take a look at my option pick of Splunk last week.

Each week I’ll send you my FREE newsworthy “Hot Option Pick & Tip” -just click on the right side and tell me where to send it.

Can a finance Rookie like me, learn to trade Options?

Absolutely !

Learn how right here FREE! (I teach this Adult Education course at a Las Vegas college). If you would like all 15 Step-by-step easy lessons “Learn Trading Options Online” that I teach at the College – I’ll send you the link to guide you in making extra money trading stock options. For Moms who can run a side hustle with everything else! (No credit card, no strings attached, no nothing; I just want to teach how easy it is to trade stock options and empower all of us Moms to face down the Wall Street bull!)

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