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Secret How to Pick Stock Options to Make Money


“Hot Picks & Tips” has been temporarily suspended during this horrific stock market period. But, relax, take a deep breath, stay healthy, and tune back for exciting step-by-step U-Tube videos for savvy traders to overpower the Wall Street bull and learn how to make money with option strategies in this current cycle.

We’re all in this together – I’ll see you on U-Tube in a couple of weeks!


girl and boy playing game of chess

Trading options is like playing a game of chess – what is the right move when a stock option takes off?

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Each week my newsworthy stock picks are trader-speak-mumble filtered. Everything you need to know to figure out the stock option’s chances of moving up or down. Then, I’ll tell you exactly the Bull or Bear option spread move to open the transaction.

Did you know Best Buy is going into the medical business !? Get answers -take a look at my Best Buy option pick last week:

Sage wisdom from our favorite Omaha Grandfather is: “To invest in an underlying stock you like and would give your credit card.”

Let’s get a stock option pick parachute ready for when that newsworthy Best of Breed option takes off and makes money. Take a look at my stock option analysis of the Beyond Meat fairy tale.

Can a finance Rookie like me, learn to trade Options?

Absolutely !

Learn how right here FREE! (I teach this Adult Education course at a Las Vegas college). Step-by-step 15 easy lessons to guide you in making extra money trading stock options online. For Moms who can run a side hustle with everything else!

 (No credit card, no strings attached, no nothing; I just want to teach and empower all of us Moms to face down the Wall Street bull!)

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    1. Jim,
      Thanks for your comment – Yep, Dads too can be empowered to face down the Wall Street bull(ies)
      and make money trading stock options!
      Learn how – just click on the FREE step-by-step lessons for rookies that I teach at a Las Vegas College
      at the end of each post and 15 lessons will be on their way to your Inbox.
      See you in the classroom!

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